Mother’s Day

Slowly easing back into the swing of things while keeping the utmost of safety precautions…
Let me deliver a gift of bakery to that special mother in your life on Sunday, May 10th. I will leave a box on her doorstep with a ribbon and a customized note from you💟
Or, if you prefer, a gift for yourself delivered on your porch with a ribbon and a customized note from me💟

One Year Anniversary

So if you haven’t realized it I’ve kind of been on hiatus…just doesn’t seem right to be posting pictures of baked goods lately. I’ve still gladly been accepting orders just not soliciting. Months ago I was excited for what would have been my big April 1st, 2020 post as this date marks the one year anniversary of my first orders (you know who you are – thank you!!) and I was planning on posting a visually stunning montage of my creations😀 Here’s what I’ll continue to do instead:

Published by Carol Raymonds · March 19 at 8:32 AM ·
If you know someone who is compromised, unable to leave their home, struggling etc….please PM me….I will drop off a gift of baked goods.

And because our situation continues to change daily, I would like to add that this applies to our many, many, many health care heroes as well.

This scenario makes me so happy because if you have read “my story” on my website or FB page you know that my goal was to ultimately provide a pay it forward item with every order received. Just the slightest change here – no order required! I want to help and make a small but hopefully meaningful impact – let’s do this together. Remember – I will leave on your porch or mine❤️❤️❤️

Holiday Gift Giving

The very best gifts are the edible sort. And, if your strapped for time as the holidays approach, there’s no need to visit the mall to get your gifts! Let me bake, package & deliver to your door.

Nothing says thank you more than homemade bakery. Whether it be your mail carrier, neighbor, child’s teacher, hair dresser, co-worker, boss, hostess, friend…holiday food gifts for everyone on your list will surely garner an appreciative smile.

It’s Now November

Let me help you with your Thanksgiving plans…Having company and would like stress free holiday mornings with breakfast delivered to your door? No problem. College kids home for the weekend? No problem. They love my stuff (I have two). Younger kids always at home? No problem. Give them a special treat this holiday that YOU don’t have to bake! And, last but not least, how about yourself? You deserve it too! Visiting family or friends for Thanksgiving? Don’t go empty handed. Take them a unique, delicious gift they will love and appreciate: pumpkin scones (or vanilla or cinnamon chip or lemon or all), coffee (bundt) cake or minis, hand dipped biscotti and some crunchy granola. I know it’s a hard choice but you simply can’t go wrong.

Coffee Cake

Exciting news!!

By now you know I’m partial to MY scone and biscotti recipes. Well, thanks to customer suggestion number 3 I once again have a brand new menu item to be partial towards….Broken Tastes The Same now offers coffee cake!! .

I have been sharing this cake with family & friends for years. One friend suggested I add it to my menu, which seemed to fit right in with my current offerings. 

This soft, tender creation is layered and topped with plenty of cinnamon and sugary goodness. It’s moist & delicious! .

Perfect for breakast, showers, and any holiday celebration. .

$12.00 for 8” bundt cake or 8 individual mini bundt cakes, this quintessential coffee cake is guaranteed to please!