Best granola hands down! …Courtney Feb’24

Her bakery is AMAZING! If you haven’t had a chance to buy any, you should hop to it, word to the wise, they’re addicting – the GF peanut butter dipped cookies are the bomb!…Julie April ’23

Thank you Carol for creating just the right “little something extra” packaged in true holiday fashion! Everything was delicious…Mary Jan’23

Carol, the boxes are beautiful. And the red velvet oreo cookie reminded me of childhood treats. Thank you. I may order more because they are such great gifts...Beth Dec’23

Christmas can’t come soon enough. My family is still raving about last years treats from you, especially the reese’s cookies!….Ellen Nov ’22

Unbelievable cookies…Amy Oct ’22

The BEST desserts for the best day!!! Thank you so much Carol. We appreciate you, your kindness and your delicious treats…Emily Sept ’22

That looks stunning (Wedding Dessert Bar)…Laurie Sept ’22

What a gorgeous display of incredible edibles (Wedding Dessert Bar)….Judy Sept ’22

Everybody was raving about the desserts. They were all simply divine and enjoyed immensly by the guests. You just can’t beat Broken Tastes the Same for that delicious homemade taste. Forever grateful to you Carol for making my son’s wedding dessert bar beautiful and scrumptious!…Noreen Sept ’22

Fabulous food. The gift bags for the shower were a huge hit!…Beth Aug ’22

Best brunch sweets I have ever had – scones, biscotti and mini bundts were divine…..Sue July ’22

The cinnamon chip and blueberry scones are phenominal…Andrea June ’22

Your gluten free cinnamon scones are amazing. One of my absolute favorite treats I’ve discovered in 12 years of being gluten free…Ruzika May ’22

Best granola ever.…Amy May ’22

Carol’s granola is SO yummy…Katherine April ’22

BEST SCONES EVER!!!!!!…Steph April ’22

Every single one is scrumptious! There’s no way I could ever pick (scones)…Ellen March ’22

These peanut butter cookies are THE BEST EVER…Amy December ’21

Delicious baked goods and quality service…anonymous Sept ’21

Having a daughter that has a gluten allergy can be difficult at times, and it’s nice to come across a baked treat that she loves this much. We all enjoyed the small samples our daughter allowed us, and we soon had to place an order. Everything was tender and delicious with just the right amount of sweetness… Scott Aug ’21

Everything was delicious. This bakery gets glowing reviews from every person I have shared it with! Thanks for making my Mother’s Day…Marita May ’21

I can’t even begin to tell you how everyone loved your scones and cakes. I received so many compliments. We also have a friend who cannot have gluten and your GF products were just as delicious as everything else. I can’t recommend this company more….Andrea April ’21

Not too sweet but great flavor; texture is great, flavor excellent; glaze subtle yet noticeable. Just right in terms of sweetness (Gluten Free Scones)...Z…Jan’20

All I can say is “WOW” – beautiful and delicious!(Gluten Free Scones)…Marita Dec’20

I love the scones! Blueberry scones, lemon scones and the cinnamon chip warmed slightly are the absolute BEST!…Judi Nov’20

I have never tasted a scone better than yours….Diane Oct’20

BTTS is fantastic. I’ve used their products to give small gifts to clients many times—always with rave reviews. Love all their stuff but the mini Bundt cakes are my favorite.!…Preston Sept ’20

OMG!!! Friends raved about how moist the scones were and the mini bundts were to die for! Couldn’t resist…diet can start Monday…Laurie Jul’20

The mini bundts are delicious and just the right size...Patrice Jun’20

Received the biscotti bites and scones for Mother’s day and both are amazing! The lemon and chocolate chip scones are unbelievable. The packaging and cards are adorable, too. Thank you so much!…Jill May’20

New chocolate chunk scones…they are outstanding…Cathy Feb’20

I received a jar of granola as a Christmas gift. BEST granola I have ever tasted. Looking forward to ordering and tasting more of Carol’s decadent treats …Kari Jan ’20

I received lemon and cinnamon chip scones as a gift – WOW! When first received, they were delicious. Now this week after being frozen and thawed – still delicious! … Nancy Oct ’19

I have been the recipient of one of these special coffee cakes and they are the best! Baked in comfort and love….Stephanie Sept’19

Best Coffee Cake I’ve ever had…Nina Sept’19

Delicious scones, granola and biscotti. I bought them to share with friends and they didn’t make it out of my house!!! WOW….LaVerne Jul’19

These baked goods and granola are so over the top GREAT, I can’t wait for my next order!…..Greg Jun ’19

Carol is a fabulous baker! Love her scones. I highly recommend Broken Tastes the Same!…..Cindy Jun ’19

Had biscotti. Best I have ever had. Husband liked it also and he liked the scones.…..Lynn Jun’19

Biscotti and scones are out of this world!! Great teacher gift!…..Sue May ’19

Carol rocks! Her scones will melt in your mouth they are SO good!!….Ellen May ’19

Carol, love the name you gave your business The scones and biscotti’s I ordered through my sister Lora were the best I have ever had. Thank You and don’t stop !…..Greg May ’19

The scones are so moist and delicious! They melt in your mouth and hold up beautifully dunking in coffee. Best granola I have ever had – nuts galore and very addicting. And the biscotti- such great flavor with the best crunch and texture!…..Stephanie May ’19

You’ve got to try these amazing treats! My friend, Carol Raymonds, started this home-based business & I am loving all of it, especially her granola.. I keep buying to give as gifts and eating it myself! Whether it is for a gift, with your morning coffee or your next business meeting, you won’t be disappointed!…..Kelly May ’19

Granola is delicious!! Can’t wait to taste the biscotti.
Try it. You will love the homemade taste!
…..Kris Apr ’19

Best biscotti you’ve ever had- I promise!…..Amy Apr ’19

Had chocolate chip biscotti and white chocolate and cinnamon scones today; delicious and will definitely recommend!…..Nancy Apr ’19

OMG…Carol just dropped off an order of biscotti – AMAZING! Didn’t even try them with coffee yet & even my Bill loved them (he doesn’t drink coffee). Thank you Carol! Such pretty labels and packaging too! Can’t wait to enjoy with my morning coffee! The BEST baker!! Shirley Apr ’19

I am a very fortunate recipient of Carol’s scones — they are the only scones I’ve ever tasted that made me want to have another one — and right away! Such wonderful texture and taste — and they were FRESH!…..Pat Mar ’19