First the sad stuff. I lost my older sister to glioblastoma multiforme in August of 2016. Not a day goes by that I do not think about her. And yes, I still struggle…greatly. During an unusually difficult period in 2018 – the dreaded winter holidays – I was at a low point in the journey of my life without my sister. Call it perhaps divine intervention but at this time I had an “Oprah Light bulb moment”. I will start the baking business my sister always encouraged me to start. I was scared but I turned to her for strength and courage to do it…. and because you are reading this now… you know that I did it!

Now for the happy stuff. I am a self start home based business that was born from a combination of my love of breakfast and my indulgent sweet tooth. My need for coffee in the morning has gone hand in hand with store bought bakery that in all honesty was mostly good, but never of the “I can’t stop eating this” variety. Enter another love of mine – baking. The result, and I hope that you agree, is delicious “I can’t stop eating this” granola, biscotti and scones.

“Broken Tastes the Same” was my mantra when my oldest son was a toddler and refused to eat anything I baked that was broken. It has now become a staple phrase in our household despite the fact that my “kids” are now adults and teens. My desire in sharing my baked goods with others is that my products will bring a smile to your face, just as saying this phrase still brings a smile to mine. And, if one of your biscotti break in transit, just remember: Broken Tastes the Same.

My goal for Broken Tastes the Same is to continue to grow to the point that with every order I receive I would be able to provide each customer with a “pay it forward” goodie that they could give to someone they know who is having a hard day, struggling with loss or who just needs to know someone is thinking about them. Hopefully someday soon I will get to that point! Throughout my life I have used cooking and baking as a means to show support for my family, friends and acquaintances when I noticed a struggle. I’d love to widen the circle.